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What Do You Expect of Your Wedding Photographer?

Posted in Wedding Photography with tags , , , on November 23, 2008 by Vino Latte

As I prepare to meet with a Bride-To-Be who is searching for wedding service providers I find myself mentally rehearsing the information I want to convey to her – an important thing for any “sales person.”  I never really consider myself a sales person, but instead a person who simply conveys the truth about the services I provide and what a Bride & Groom can expect of me.  I never try to talk someone into hiring me or selling myself “over” another photographer – instead, I like to provide the facts and let them make an educated decision after seeing my work, meeting me and getting a feel for my personality.  If they think another photographer – in style, personality or price – is a better fit for them, I absolutely encourage them to go that direction and wish them luck with their wedding and photography.

That being said – although I convey what I convey, I rarely have a bride really TELL me what they expect of me – perhaps they simply expect me to deliver what I have shown and suggested that I can.  Perhaps they don’t know what they expect – most of them endeavoring upon this event for the first time and just reading and talking to people to get a direction.

So I pose to you… Brides and Grooms – past, present & future – what do (did) you expect from your wedding photographer and, if your wedding is already past, did he/she deliver?

By the way, have you ever wondered what your photographer expects of you?  Stay tuned.