Ronzai Photography was launched in about 1996… through my hobby I became involved on shooting stuff for other people.  Like many in the photography business it became a way to afford toys… cameras, computers and gadgets.  It still is… yet it’s so much more.  Today Ronzai Photography is me and my exceedingly patient and helpful assistant Loreen.  She also happens to be my exceptionally lovely wife, partner and best friend.  So together we strive to take some awesome pictures of people… and we try to provide a product that those same people can use and cherish forever.  The word “Product” is too sterile… especially when it’s moments, memories and time in two dimensions.  When you think about it, a photograph is really a cool thing… it’s a split second in time that is gone from existence… except in the image.  Cool.

This has veered off a bit… but perhaps not.  That’s “About” Ronzai Photography… 

And that’s about all for now…




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