Shooting Kids… Pushing the Shutter Button… over and over and over…

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We spent a couple hours the other day shooting a bunch of family pictures… from the whole group to individuals.  There were kids involved – which is always… um… challenging and entertaining.  When shooting kids I always find myself pushing the shutter button repeatedly… a lot… many many times.  It’s simply the nature of the beast.

But it pays off…











Portraits from an Era… sort of…

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So John asked if I could shoot some publicity head shots for him… no problem.  Then he sent me about 1/2 dozen pics that he really likes of famous Big Band era musicians and asked that we emulate them… OK… we’ll see what we can do.  So, how did we do?  And while you’re at it, check out John’s site: and be sure to check him out if he’s playing in your area!






What Do You Expect of Your Wedding Photographer?

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As I prepare to meet with a Bride-To-Be who is searching for wedding service providers I find myself mentally rehearsing the information I want to convey to her – an important thing for any “sales person.”  I never really consider myself a sales person, but instead a person who simply conveys the truth about the services I provide and what a Bride & Groom can expect of me.  I never try to talk someone into hiring me or selling myself “over” another photographer – instead, I like to provide the facts and let them make an educated decision after seeing my work, meeting me and getting a feel for my personality.  If they think another photographer – in style, personality or price – is a better fit for them, I absolutely encourage them to go that direction and wish them luck with their wedding and photography.

That being said – although I convey what I convey, I rarely have a bride really TELL me what they expect of me – perhaps they simply expect me to deliver what I have shown and suggested that I can.  Perhaps they don’t know what they expect – most of them endeavoring upon this event for the first time and just reading and talking to people to get a direction.

So I pose to you… Brides and Grooms – past, present & future – what do (did) you expect from your wedding photographer and, if your wedding is already past, did he/she deliver?

By the way, have you ever wondered what your photographer expects of you?  Stay tuned.

Quack Quack

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During the fall I think about ducks… a lot.  I usually try to hunt them, but life is busy and time goes by.  So for those of you who may be in the same boat (which is not my duck boat) as I…


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It’s what you get when you cross Photography and Blogging… of course.

So here I am thinking about writing stuff… mostly for the Cafe le Grand blog (check it out) and thinking about photography and other stuff that I enjoy.  It’s not really that I have a tremendous amount to say, it’s just that I have a desire to share some thoughts and don’t feel like cluttering my normal site ( ) with such matters.

So here we go… watch for Ronzai news, as well as links and thoughts and matters related to photography as I see fit to share.  Oh yeah… and you’ll probably see some pictures along the way as well.  I hope you enjoy.

Nudge nudge wink wink